Learned About Therapeutic Relationship with Patients - John

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To begin with, I was really amused when I received a notification of taking online seminars about several concepts which pertain to improving the quality of healthcare service that I will render to my clients. Perhaps, I was very pleased to have the opportunity to take these training which helped me to have a glimpse of what to expect when I will be deployed to the United States soon. As I started taking those activities, I was able to enhance further the knowledge and skills that I already possess and learned new ideas along the course. There were some concepts that were unfamiliar to me hence made them difficult to understand at some point, however, I was able to grasp those when I tried to apply them in the hospital.Mostly, I am able to utilize that new information that I took from Health Stream's online seminars or webinars, I suppose, in the clinical setting. I can say that through these courses I learned a lot especially in having a therapeutic relationship with my patients. Additionally, I believe that through these courses as well, I can say that I am capable of communicating with my patients effectively, thus increasing my clients' satisfaction with the services I provide. I learned that clinical skills come hand in hand with the way a nurse should interact with their clients to provide the best possible quality of health care for my patients.There were some courses that have a lot of contents, nevertheless, there were few which were short and concise. I finished some within an hour or earlier but sometimes two or more especially for those that were very specific like those which were clinically inclined concepts. Overall, I was able to finish everything in about a month and a half because I worked on it on my day offs.I will surely recommend the Health Stream training seminars to those candidates like me because of the fact that the webinars are very informative about the American health care setting which makes us very prepared in rendering a high-quality patient care in a global stage. To add things up, I am a health care provider who is, I believe, capable and confident in delivering an internationally competitive health care measures to all patients.

July 25, 2019
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