March 2017 Nurse #EmployeeOfTheMonth - Minnie

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We are hereby proud to announce, that the winner of March 2017's RN Employee of The Month contest is Minnie Y.!! Congrats to Minnie�as she will enjoy a spotlight on both our Facebook and website! She will also receive the winner's certificate for this month, bragging rights and a gift!Biography:Minnie is a Home Health Registered Nurse who has been with PassportUSA for a year. Her specialties include Case Managing and Chronic Care.� She was born in Davao City, Philippines. Currently she is assigned to the state of New York.When we asked Minnie�what she considered to be her favorite part of working for PPUSA, she stated: My favorite part of working with PPUSA is that they always create and keep the highest standards for their professionals. I love the way they work and follow up on maintaining the professional's continued education and skills and developing attitude that surpasses challenges encountered. They have always devised and disseminated strategies to carry you through any kind of work encounter and have also reached out beyond work setting by encouraging on living a fun-filled and worthwhile endeavors. My current client and team has always been very supportive and have recognized my strengths and limitations and have given me every opportunity to grow and be successful in my undertaking. I am very honored to be part of PPUSA. God speed!�We would also like to take the time to again congratulate our runner-ups for the month of March:Marjorie L., Ace A.You each did an outstanding job and please keep up the good work!!

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November 8, 2019
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