I am now confident to work in the US - Sherilyn, RN

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The simulation training is very helpful for training individuals to enhance knowledge and skills in the US Healthcare Delivery System. The time limit for each module is quite a pressure, however, the purpose to get the students to finish the task on time is met due to the pressure. Modules were easy to comprehend and the simulations give students the feeling to be in an actual scenario where patient outcomes will depend on the decision/critical thinking skills of the nurse. Thus, the experience was very realistic. Undergoing the simulation training was a great experience not just for the students and new graduate nurses but also for nurses like me who are already working/practicing the profession outside the U.S.Continuous education or training is very important. Regardless if a person is already working for many years, updating/refreshing knowledge and skills is really a must especially if the country you are currently working to has a different healthcare delivery system. Less than 2 months. I made sure I stick to the checklist and as much as possible finish my task earlier than the target week per module.It is definitely recommended because the health care system in the USA is different in most countries. Furthermore, it is good to have a review of knowledge and skills in nursing in the Health Care Delivery System in the USA before proceeding to the country.Yes, undergoing the�Training gave me the confidence to work in the US a boost. However, to settle to just being confident now may not be enough, after all, there will always be change or new updates in the health care delivery system, therefore, it is still imperative to continue learning and enhancing skills as a nurse even after the training.

July 24, 2019
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