PassportUSA Spotlight - Your U.S. Arrivals Team

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Did you know we have several teams dedicated to your success in America? 

When you arrive to the United States it is safe to assume you will be full of different emotions; excitement, relief, anxiety and perhaps a little apprehension. That is why we have left no stone unturned in developing top-notch teams to assist you.

Introducing our Arrivals Team

Pictured above from left to right - Sarah, Rebecca, Violet & Liz

Our Arrivals team works behind the scenes to ensure your first day in the USA is as seamless as possible - they are behind you every step of the way. Below are just a few ways our Arrivals Team is here to support you:

  • Collaborates with both of our US and Philippines Recruitment office locations to assign deployment dates to candidates.
  • Coordinates with the Legal and Licensing team to ensure that the healthcare professional has a timely arrival. 
  • Assists Account Management and Credentialing teams in obtaining start dates and details for the healthcare professional's assignment.
  • Assists Travel and Housing and the International Employee Supervisor (IES) teams on making sure our healthcare professionals arrive on their assigned deployment dates and assists with initial travel and housing logistics.
  • Coordinates and assigns an Arrival Coordinator & possibly an Arrival Ambassador to accompany you on your arrival as you prepare for your first work day.
  • And more!

PassportUSA understands the complexity and resources it takes to relocate and resettle to the USA. We take great pride in the relocation and resettlement program we provide to our employees and their families.
  1. Our travel and housing team acts as a travel agency. We plan for travel and arrival logistics—including housing, transportation, etc.  
  2. PassportUSA pays the cost of the employee’s airfare to the USA
  3. PassportUSA provides a customized, in-person arrival experience. A PassportUSA representative meets the employee at the airport, assists them with luggage, and transitional housing in their new community in America.
  4. PassportUSA provides a $2,000 Housing Advance for transitional housing and Passport’s travel and housing team will provide support in securing long term housing options.
  5. PassportUSA provides a $1,500 Arrival Advance to help offset initial expenses in the USA.
  6. PassportUSA provides information regarding how to access and utilize public transportation based on the public transportation service offerings in their community.
  7. PassportUSA will provide access to third party vendors to assist in buying or renting a car in the USA.
  8. PassportUSA provides support by instructing how to obtain their US Driver’s license and even assists the with registering for driving lessons and/or completing their driver’s examination.
  9. PassportUSA provides education on setting up the employees’ household for things such as purchasing household supplies and groceries.
  10. PassportUSA provides a free mobile phone and 30 days of paid service as well as access to a deeply discounted, corporate rate for service.
  11. PassportUSA representatives will show the healthcare facility where they will be working and facilitate a meet and greet onsite where possible.
  12. PassportUSA will assist with opening a bank account in the USA.
  13. PassportUSA will provide guidance on how to obtain a US Social Security Number Card.

February 14, 2022
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