PassportUSA Success Story: Avelaine

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Congratulations to Avelaine, RN, who recently completed the first step in her American Dream with PassportUSA.

"I would like to thank Health Carousel for making my American dream come true. The right time really came along when Health Carousel accepted my application. I’ve waited for a decade for this opportunity. Although it was challenging and difficult at first, I could not achieved my American dream without the help of Health Carousel. The process from the start until I finished the contract was easy. I am not good with researching things, so having Health Carousel as my agency really helped me in transitioning to a new place. I am forever grateful with Health Carousel and PassportUSA. I will recommend this agency to all aspiring nurses who want to explore the opportunities in USA."

We are beyond grateful for you, Avelaine! Congratulations again on achieving your American Dream! We wish you and your family the best of luck as you continue to navigate your U.S. nursing career.

September 13, 2022
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