American Dream Finally Realized - David

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Congratulations to David, RN, who recently completed the first step in the American Dream with PassportUSA.

"I have always wished to become an international nurse since my graduation in Kenya. I never knew where I could have started this from until my wonderful aunt who realized her American dream through PassportUSA introduced me to them. Since then, I have always counted myself lucky as the PPUSA has walked with me in each and every step of the process from signing the contract, NCLEX preparation, Visa processing and even relocating me and my family to the USA. I can't believe that I have finally realized my dream! I feel so humbled to bring my family to the USA especially my 4-year-old son who has always been asking me to take him to Disney World someday. It will now definitely come to pass!"

We are beyond grateful for you, David! Congratulations again on achieving your American Dream! We wish you and your family the best of luck as you continue to navigate your U.S. nursing career.

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