PassportUSA Success Story: Sheryl

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Congratulations to Sheryl, RN, who recently completed the first step in the American Dream with PassportUSA.

"I had the opportunity to bring with me my husband and son in the United States. We are so blessed because we came here before pandemic, and not to experience delays in our application. We are happy living here in the US and we are slowly achieving our dreams. Also our plans are smoothly becoming a reality. Importantly, we can support our son’s bright future and provide our family’s needs here and in the Philippines.

Personally, I enjoyed and I am satisfied with how PassportUSA helped me during my contract. To current and future professionals, a constant communication is a must to your IES for them to know what is going on with you and extend their help if there’s concern arises while you are in your facility assignment. "

We are beyond grateful for you, Sheryl! Congratulations again on achieving your American Dream! We wish you and your family the best of luck as you continue to navigate your U.S. nursing career.

September 22, 2022
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