Really Thankful - Carlo

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"I started with Health Carousel in March 2015. Our application process went smoothly and relatively fast considering the usual time table in processing applications. The Health Carousel team is accommodating and efficient in answering queries and following up on requirements. They know how to ask nicely when a requirement is needed on a certain date and time. They gave us sufficient time to comply with their requirements without us feeling harassed, and for that we are really thankful. To the Health Carousel team especially Nyra, Connie, Lenci, Kim, and Val, thank you so much for helping us start our American dream and guiding us throughout the process. Keep up the great work in helping nurses. To other applicants: Health Carousel is one of the companies that will live up to their standards and vision. Choose well."PROFESSION: Registered NurseCANDIDATE NAME: CarloLOCATION: GeorgiaDEPLOYMENT DATE:Â April 9, 2018

Achieve Your #AmericanDream
April 6, 2018
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