PassportUSA RN Promoted to Nurse Supervisor - Carmel

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Carmel has been working with PassportUSA for over two years. Her exemplary ambition and care landed her the opportunity to become a Nurse Supervisor in a behavioral health unit at one of our client healthcare facilities in Pennsylvania.


Carmel is originally from the Philippines and has been practicing nursing for over a decade. She previously worked in Qatar, a country located in the Middle East.While pursuing her American dream, Carmel was abandoned by her previous U.S. visa petitioner. This was not uncommon to happen to nurses who contracted with small agencies around the time that visa retrogression reached its height. PassportUSA, however, has never abandoned a nurse due to visa retrogression.After coming to grips that her #AmericanDream may never come true, her outlook quickly improved when Carmel's brother referred her to PassportUSA. Carmel registered and interviewed with our Associate Director of International Recruitment & Programs, Erica Ponchot. The rest is history, as they say.

"PassportUSA is good at sending me updates, and they follow visa and POEA regulations. I refer PassportUSA to my friends and family."

Nursing Career in the USA

When Carmel started her U.S. assignment in Pennsylvania, she was a Med-Surg staff nurse. Working abroad before in Qatar made her transition to the U.S. easier because she was used to working in a foreign country. Additionally a PassportUSA Arrival Coordinator assisted Carmel when she arrived at the airport and helped her adjust to driving, getting a drug screening needed before working at the hospital, setting up a bank account, and more. Once Carmel started her job in Pennsylvania, she met other PassportUSA RNs and that helped her become accustomed to living and working in the U.S. even faster. She was not alone and the PassportUSA team and the hospital staff made her feel welcome.

"When I was invited to interview for a position at my current assignment PassportUSA provided me with information on the location, the community, and more. I also did research on my own. Although I was not familiar with Pennsylvania, I am glad I accepted the assignment offer. It's not crowded here and I like the weather. I'm glad to stay!"

Outstanding Annual Performance Reviews

In the past two years Carmel has received glowing reviews from her clinical manager on her performance.In 2017 her review read, "Carmel is an asset to our treatment team. Her positive attitude and knowledgeable manner is well-received by patients and staff. Carmel has adjusted in a very positive manner to the adolescent unit."Â In 2018 comments included, "Carmel has taken on additional leadership duties at the hospital and has excelled in this area. She is flexible with her time and helps out often."It's no wonder she got a promotion with reviews like that!

Carmel's advice to other foreign-trained RNs to succeed in their U.S. nursing job

When asked what advice she would offer to nurses starting their first job in the USA she offered up two key suggestions. "Don't hesitate to ask questions because each day there will be a different situation. Also, know the U.S. hospital protocols, your responsibilities, and read the nurse guidelines," commented Carmel. That's great advice!

Bright Future

"My new role as a nurse supervisor is full of a lot of responsibilities and challenges. It can be stressful, but I am very happy."

Congratulations on your promotion Carmel! We are extremely proud of your hard work and dedication to your profession and to our company. We wish you continued luck during the rest of your assignment.

January 31, 2019
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