Seamless Journey to the U.S. - Janina

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"I applied for the program in 2021 thru online application forwarding necessary documents. Afterwards, I remember taking a call from their staff regarding the program information and what to expect. Since, I had no idea on how to proceed with processing my USRN application, I eventually agreed and signed the contract which was thoroughly explained.
My initial IPA was Ms. Nicole who's eager and at the same time patient with all my queries which I find calming knowing she will be with me throughout the initial  processing. For a short time, I was endorsed to Ms. Allets and then to Ms. Czarina. Ms. Czarina was very thorough with the requirements, responds quickly to queries and helped me big time in passing my IELTS exam. With visa processing and embassy interview, Ms. Stephanie was with me along the way, has been very patient, approachable and reassuring that everything will work out, which we finally accomplished now that I am about to be deployed. I am grateful to everyone who helped me in this process.
USRN application and processing wasn't an easy feat. With all the hurdles of taking IELTS exam, medical exams and VB retrogression, this made me believe to trust the process and be patient that everything will eventually take into place.
My arrival coordinator, Suzy, is very hands-on; from the arrival, to completing my medicals and helping me with my needs for the apartment, opening a bank account, etc. She treats her clients as a family and I was fond of her stories that encourage me in starting this new chapter.
To everyone in need of assistance with their US application, I believe that  joining Health Carousel program and their expertise in the field will take some of your burden knowing that they will go the extra mile to help you achieve your goals and dreams." - Janina, RN

We are beyond excited for you, Janina! Congratulations again on achieving your American Dream! We wish you the best as you continue to navigate your U.S. nursing career.

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