September 2017 Nurse Employee of the Month - Adam S

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We are honored to announce that the winner of September 2017's RN Employee of the Month (EOM) contest is Adam S! Congrats to Adam as he will enjoy a spotlight on both our Facebook page and website! He will also receive the winner's certificate for this month, bragging rights, and a gift!We would also like to recognize our two rising stars: Paolo and Stephanie S. Paolo and Stephanie are husband and wife who are working in Texas. Both of them have hit the ground running and are doing an amazing job! They have both been recognized by their peers and management for their knowledge, skills set, and for providing outstanding care. Keep up the great work, Paolo and Stephanie!If you know someone who is currently working for PassportUSA, you can nominate them to be our next �employee-of-the-month. We also accept self-referrals from current PassportUSA employees!

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Adam is a Filipino RN currently assigned to a city in Northeastern Pennsylvania.� Adam has only been with PassportUSA for 3 months, however, during that short time he has consistently demonstrated a positive attitude and commitment towards his facility.� Adam is also helpful and welcoming to new nurses arriving to the area! �Adam's facility has continuously provided positive feedback regarding his eagerness to learn and his positive interactions with his patients. Learn a little more about PassportUSA's thankful RN, Adam, by reading his responses below!

  • What drew you to Health Carousel? Health Carousel gave me the opportunity to fulfill my career goal to finally work and practice my nursing profession in the US. This was something I had given up on at one point in my life since the retrogression of 2013.
  • What do you like most about working with our client? It is the fulfillment of working in an environment where I truly feel that I can make a difference in people's lives. It is now that I am also able to truly practice my nursing profession within the standards of practice I have learned from the nursing books introduced to me since college. I have the best access to the facilities and essential resources I need to provide the best possible care. Plus, the staff and administration have been very supportive of my growth; this inspires me to excel more everyday!
  • What is your favorite part/what do you love about being a RN? My most favorite part of working as an RN here in my current hospital is knowing that despite how tiring a day can be, I can always be certain that I get to go home knowing I have made a difference in people's lives. That, to me, is priceless!
  • What is your favorite American food? Pizza all day!
  • What is your favorite quote? Amat Victoria Curam.� It is a Latin phrase which means, Victory Loves Preparation."

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November 8, 2019
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