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Each month, our International Employee Supervisor Team selects one or two spectacular A-players on assignment to showcase their journey. We asked our healthcare professional to share his or her story of perseverance, adjustment, and professional growth.George is from the Philippines and is currently working at a client facility in Pennsylvania. He has been working in his field for 12 years and has been with PassportUSA for over 2 years.Why did you decide to become a registered nurse? "I was initially studying pre-med but when I started working I realized how fulfilling it was to literally save and change people's lives. Every time a patient recovers from whatever condition he/she was in and they express their gratitude on how you were a part of their recovery is the most satisfying feeling as a human being."Before coming to the U.S., where did you practice your profession? "I worked for a hospital in the Philippines and I was assigned to a floor catering to different types of patients such as medical-surgical, oncology, pediatrics, and OB/GYN."Why did you want to come to the U.S.? "I wanted to come and practice my profession in the U.S. because there are more opportunities for nursing and I feel like nurses have a bigger role in the healthcare system here in the U.S."How did you first hear of PassportUSA?�"The first time I heard about PassportUSA/Health Carousel was from a Facebook advertisement. I was just casually browsing and I saw that they were looking for USRNs."How is your experience working with your PassportUSA International Employee Supervisor so far? "My experience working with my IES has been great. We work together as a team even though we just communicate mostly through emails and text. She responds swiftly to whatever help I need and I do my best to do the same as well."Would you recommend PassportUSA to other people and why?�"I would recommend PassportUSA to other people because I am a living testament to how successful their program for nurses is. I have been a USRN since 2008 and I didn't even plan on pursuing my goal of working in the U.S. until I signed with PassportUSA in 2015. After three years of patiently waiting, I was able to move and work in the US as an RN."How does working in the U.S. differ from your healthcare career abroad? "Working in the U.S. is different from my last RN job because there are bigger responsibilities for RNs here in the U.S. compared to my last RN job. RN assessments are very critical in providing efficient healthcare."How have you grown professionally? "I have expanded my nursing skills and knowledge since moving in the U.S. with more advanced technical skills. I have also learned to work with different cultures and it helped me grow as an individual."How has your life and your family's life changed for the better? "My family's life definitely changed for the better since moving in the U.S. I am able to save more money and there was an easy transition for my wife as well as she was able to find work a few weeks after moving to the U.S. Our family grew bigger after a year as we had our daughter in April 2019. Right now, my wife is changing her career path as she plans on studying nursing."

Thank you George for sharing your amazing journey so far. We appreciate your hard work and dedication in your profession and our company!

We are currently hiring registered nurses! If you're a registered nurse who is not being guided to your dream of the USA by PassportUSA, simply apply with us today and we'll help get your journey to the USA underway!

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August 27, 2020
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