February 2019 Spotlight of the Month - Sherwin

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Each month, our International Employee Supervisor Team selects spectacular A-players on assignment to showcase their journey. We asked our Health Care Professional to share his or her story of perseverance, adjustment and professional growth.Sherwin is from the Philippines and is currently working at a client facility in North Carolina. He has been working in his field for 13 years and with PassportUSA for 18 months.Why did you decide to become a physical therapist? "It was a humble start when I saw a lot of people with disabilities and not being able to do a lot of things they should be doing in their life. I was encouraged to become a PT to help people like them to get back on their feet and move again."

"I rate PassportUSA as a 10, I am extremely likely to recommend them to other healthcare professionals."

Before coming to the US, where did you practice your profession?�"I was working in a government hospital in the Philippines in the department of rehabilitation medicine. It was built to help WW2 veterans and other war veterans in their medical needs."Why did you want to come to the US? "Firstly, it is my motivation to give my family a better life. Lately I noticed that I can also enhance my profession by gaining experience and learn a lot here in the US. With this, not only I can give my family a better life, but I also can make them proud of me."How did you first hear of PassportUSA?�"I was motivated to go to the US and I needed help from someone to achieve it. I searched the internet for the best agency that helps Filipino healthcare professionals like me who want to go to the US. I never had any regret in choosing PassportUSA."How is your experience working with your PassportUSA International Employee Supervisor?�"She is wonderful. She never let me down from day one. She's always been helpful in everything I need in starting here. She always listens to my concerns and laughs in my joy. She is very supportive."Would you recommend PassportUSA to other people and why?�"Definitely! It was a rough road to reach my dreams. But PassportUSA made it easier for me by guiding me in what to do and how to do it. I want people like me with the same dream to experience their help."Please rate how likely you are to recommend PassportUSA to other healthcare professionals. "I rate PassportUSA as a 10, I am extremely likely to recommend them to other healthcare professionals."How has your life and your family's life changed for the better? "It was a big change; both good and bad. It was a little lonely at first especially having six family members away from home. But we have each other and the opportunity we have being here in the US is something we cannot get in our home country. Happiness starts at home and USA is giving us more joy."How have you grown professionally? "I made a few mistakes in my first in my job here in the US, but I learned from them and did my best to perform better. This helped me grow. I learned through experience."How does working in the USA differ from your healthcare career abroad?�"I was working in an outpatient facility in the Philippines and had the same routine everyday. I also was not able to maximize my ability as a physical therapist. But it is different here in the USA. I work in home health which gives me more freedom in using the full range of my skills as a PT."Do you have anything else you want to add to your featured story? "God has brought me and my family here. He has a plan and I just follow his lead. He knew what's best for me and my family."Thank you Sherwin for sharing your amazing journey so far. We appreciate your hard work and dedication in your profession and our company!If you're a nurse, PT, or medical technologist who is not being guided to your dream of the USA by PassportUSA, simply register with us today and we'll help get your journey to the USA underway!

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November 8, 2019
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