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Airene, a PassportUSA RN in Pennsylvania, sent us this heartwarming letter!"Dear Health Carousel - PassportUSA,As you already know, my contract is coming to an end very soon and based on my calculations, I am finished by the second week of December this year. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for all of your support, encouragement, and most of all for giving me this chance to bring my aspirations into reality.To Evans, thank you for referring me to PassportUSA, and most of all, for your desire not to waste what we have started way back. I cant imagine how many years ago that was.To Ruben, my meticulous PassportUSA International Employee Supervisor, for always being ahead of everything before things are due. Thank you for your monitoring and for always being ready to read my rants through emails and texts and getting back to me right away to offer your ways, means, options, etc. You are highly recommended as an employee specialist.To PassportUSA Senior Vice President Katie Glaser, for your profound commitment with the company and for finding solutions to improve the life of all of us healthcare workers to have an easy transition here in a completely new environment. Purchasing a car from is a big help for most of us nurses here in the US. Thank you for accepting me. I was once a new applicant whose desire was to work in the U.S.Today, please accept my gratitude. To all of the members of the Health Carousel - PassportUSA team of this prestigious company, more power to all of you. I am also proud of the things I have learned in a span of time, (not to mention all the shopping and few travels here in the U.S.!) Until then, I wish you all the best of luck and success and good health so you can continue the legacy of helping Filipino nurses." - Airene

November 13, 2019
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