Tremendous Blessings - Brice Brian #ThankfulThursdays

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#ThankfulThursdays posts celebrate the career and personal achievements of our healthcare professionals who have reached the end of their temp-to-perm assignments at their assigned PassportUSA client healthcare organizations.

PassportUSA is honored to have employed Brice Brian, a physical therapist, who has now reached the end of his temp-to-perm assignment.While he was on assignment, he was able to attain his Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree at a U.S. university. We are proud to see him improving his skills and advancing his education. He was also able to bring his new bride to live permanently with him in the U.S.![caption id="attachment_351783" align="alignright" width="524"]

Brice Brian marrying the love of his life![/caption]

"I married my girlfriend in the Philippines right before I went to work in the United States. I was able to bring her over here within four months. After two years of currently working in the United States, we took some vacation time to go back to the Philippines to have our grand wedding with family and friends."

A Top Performer

Brice Brian was the PassportUSA October 2017 Allied Employee of the Month and received much recognition during his assignment such as the Purple Cow Award for providing "A Better Way to Care."

"Brice Brian is a great asset for our team. All employees and patients love him. His work is thorough, he is able to work independently, and he has great communication skills. He is overall a great physical therapist . We love having him here. We appreciate all that he does to ensure the success of the patients and our team." -Branch Director

Reflecting on His Journey

"I would like to thank my International Employee Supervisor, Jamie, and my previous Health Carousel Philippines Advisor, Marianne, for providing me with all the help to get my wife here with me in the United States in just under four months. Everything went smoothly and they also assisted in setting me up with their immigration attorneys to help us get green cards."
Thank you to everyone from both the Health Carousel Philippines and PassportUSA offices. Everyone has been very helpful with everything from day one until my final work assignment day.

What's next for Brice Brian?

Brice Brian cheerfully accepted a direct employment offer from his assigned Home Health organization. We know he will continue to exceed his employer's and patients' expectations. He and his wife are in love with their new life in America, and call the facility and location he ended up in "a tremendous blessing." Brice Brian has settled in a location where he has access to the beautiful outdoors, and with the low cost of living he can save money to send back to his family. He is appreciative of all the people who have assisted with his transition, and calls everyone he has encountered on his journey "welcoming and very helpful."[caption id="attachment_351785" align="aligncenter" width="757"]

"A smile costs nothing, but gives a lot. It enriches those who receive it without making poorer those who give it." -Brice Brian[/caption]

Thank you Brice Brian! We wish you the best of luck.

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July 29, 2019
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