Living Out The #AmericanDream- Jeffrey

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#ThankfulThursdays posts celebrate the career and personal achievements of our healthcare professionals who have reached the end of their temp-to-perm assignments at their assigned PassportUSA client healthcare organizations.

PassportUSA is honored to have employed Jeffrey, a registered nurse, who has now reached the end of his temp-to-perm assignment.While he was on assignment, Jeffrey saved up enough money to purchase his second car in the U.S. His family is using the second car for road trips. By visiting different U.S. states and cultures, they are collecting memories that will last a lifetime! Jeffrey and his wife are also involved with their local church and stay engaged with community activities. Jeffrey is truly excited that his family is living out the #AmericanDream.

A Top Performer

While he was on assignment, Jeffrey's nurse manager continuously praised his work performance. Jeffrey enjoys the camaraderie of the staff and coworkers and appreciates his supportive unit manager. Because of Jeffrey's exceptional performance with patients and coworkers, he was presented the Q4 2018 DAISY Award by PassportUSA![caption id="attachment_350985" align="aligncenter" width="592"]

Jeffrey winning the DAISY Award with his unit manager and coworkers supporting him![/caption]In Jeffrey's final annual performance review, his facility's Unit Manager stated,

"Jeff handles himself professionally. Patients and families comment on his excellent care. Jeff adheres to our policies and procedures and we are happy to have him working here with us."

Reflecting on His Journey

"I would like to take this moment to express my sincere appreciation to my PassportUSA International Employee Supervisor, Ashley. Thank you Ashley for making my time with PassportUSA memorable and fruitful. I wish everyone at PassportUSA continued success for the future and I am grateful for the opportunity you've given me."

What's next for Jeffrey?

Jeffrey heartily accepted a direct employment offer from the facility. We know he will continue to exceed his employer's and patients' expectations.[caption id="attachment_352582" align="aligncenter" width="790"]

"I am fulfilling my #AmericanDream and am very thankful for all of the support PassportUSA has provided me during the past three years." -Jeffrey[/caption]

Thank you Jeffrey! We wish you the best of luck.

If you are a registered nurse who wishes to live and work in the USA, simply click the button below to apply with us today and we'll help get your journey to the USA underway!Are you a U.S. healthcare organization seeking a long-term nursing workforce solution? Click the button for more information on how PassportUSA connects healthcare institutions with exceptional global talent.

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August 21, 2020
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