Supported and Respected - Maria Agnes #ThankfulThursdays

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#ThankfulThursdays posts celebrate the career and personal achievements of our healthcare professionals who have reached the end of their temp-to-perm assignments at their assigned PassportUSA client healthcare organizations.

PassportUSA is honored to have employed Maria Agnes, a physical therapist, who has now reached the end of her temp-to-perm assignment.Maria enjoyed living in the Pacific Northwest, with both mountains and the seaside quickly accessible from her assignment. She highly recommends the area for nature lovers, and it brought her peace to enjoy the outdoors while adapting to life in America.Since she has been in the U.S., Maria Agnes achieved her lifelong dreams of owning her own car, marrying the love of her life, and helping patients with her everlasting pride. She believes that being able to save for a home and car of her own motivates her to work harder and to reflect positively on the blessings she has now. She enjoys tending to patients and providing a steady foundation for her family's future.

A Top Performer

Maria Agnes received a performance award during what she recalls as the "best quarter" ever. In her previous annual performance reviews, her clinical supervisor gushed:

"Maria Agnes is a great asset to our team. She documents well on the tablet and gives every patient a thorough hands-on evaluation. She relates well with the entire staff. She performs amazing teamwork and is really good at developing a care plan that is specific to each patient."

Maria Agnes’ assigned facility worked hard to make sure she integrated well and got off to a great start in America. They checked in on her, and even reached out once she had left the facility. Although she chose not to accept n offer of direct employment, Maria made relationships that will last a lifetime with her colleagues.

Reflecting on Her Journey

"I strongly recommend PassportUSA to others. They take good care of their people.

Everyone is so supportive and they listen to me. My International Employee Supervisor and the staff are kind and professional. I am glad everyone respects me and that I helped patients. I am so grateful to PassportUSA and my assigned facility."

What's next for Maria Agnes?

The facility happily extended an offer to Maria Agnes to come join them as a direct employee, and while she enjoyed her assignment at the facility, Maria Agnes has decided to pursue family priorities. We know she will continue to exceed her employer's and patients' expectations wherever she is.

"Always have an attitude of gratitude. Persevere and have faith that everything will fall in its proper place." -Maria Agnes

Thank you Maria Agnes! We wish you the best of luck.

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June 4, 2019
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