My US dream isn't so far away now - Nurse Renzie

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I don't think I have enough thank you' s� to say to Health Carousel. I believe this agency is God's answer to my prayers.I have been searching for an agency that would best accommodate me, considering my fresh resume details since I graduated & passed the PNLE in 2016. I was already trying to accept to myself that such agency does not exist since years of hospital experience is always required as a qualification. But just as I was accepting that fact, an email from Mr. Bryan Daquiaog of Health Carousel came to my inbox & notified me. I could not believe my eyes as I read their qualifications because it seemed to be describing me. It just seemed to be so perfect! I even thought it was too good to be true. But as I came to their office, passed my initial interview, & signed a contract with them. I believed I was in good hands.I�would admit that I became less active when they were already giving me instructions regarding how to apply for the NCLEX because I did not have enough funds for it yet. Again, I prayed to God that in His right time & guidance, I would be able to take it. Then again after some time, an email came to me from Ms. Martha Alayon, asking me about the progress of my NCLEX application & offering me their new NCLEX sponsorship program which only requires that I pass the exam that they will be giving me. Without a single doubt, I said yes of course. I came to their office, prayed and passed their exam. I was given an online review material as well as specific instructions regarding the requirements I will be needing for the process of my application. Again, I thought to myself it was too good to be true. But again, they proved that they are true & they exist.Aside from the requirements of my nursing school, I did not spend a single cent for my application. In fact, I did not even know how much it costs. All I know is that one day, my NCLEX processor, John, from iNurse Processing gave me dates to choose from for my actual NCLEX date. I didn't think I could balance work and reviewing. I prayed hard & did my best to review & recall all that I knew from UST Nursing until the very day of my NCLEX schedule came.After the exam, I did not want to talk about it because I honestly did not know how I did. All I knew was that it suddenly stopped. With all the anxiety coming into my head, I was determined to ask for my Pearson account details from my NCLEX processor & pay for the quick result myself because I knew I could not wait for a month to find out the result. Then Ms. Martha calmly replied to me saying they will be the one to purchase my quick result & that they'll notify me once it is done. The following day, my phone was ringing. I knew it was Ms. Martha, but I did not know what kind of news she would tell me so I was hesitant to answer, and when I did, her voice was so low that I thought I was going to have the bad news. But then, she suddenly said Congratulations! You passed the NCLEX!�. So really, Thank You, Lord, for answering my prayers through Health Carousel!� From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much, Health Carousel, especially Ms. Martha! I believe reaching my US dream isn't so far away now.

July 24, 2019
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