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"I first joined Health Carousel in 2006, and after passing all the screening procedures, I was accepted. However, after passing NCLEX-RN, retrogression came and my petition was not pushed through. I thought it would be the end of my American dream. In December 2014, I visited the PassportUSA website and submitted my application online. Unexpectedly, PassportUSA called me in January 2015 and asked me if I still wanted to go to the US and without hesitation I signed the contract with Health Carousel. In the same year I got my priority date and started to comply with the necessary requirements needed for my visa application. Health Carousel is very organized in giving the requirements and my processing associates are very accommodating. My warmest appreciations to Karen, Roda and Ela for their support from the start of my application until the preparation of my departure to the US. I know many nurses are aspiring to work as a registered nurse in the US. With these, all I can say is 'Good things come to those who patiently wait and persevere'."PROFESSION:Â Registered NurseCANDIDATE NAME: EdgardoLOCATION:Â PennsylvaniaDEPLOYMENT DATE:Â March 19, 2018

Achieve Your #AmericanDream
March 19, 2018
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