Welcome to Iowa, Daylinda!

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Daylinda, RN

Arrival Date: 10/11/21

Arrival Location: Iowa

I heard about PassportUSA from a cousin of my husband who suggested that we should try PassportUSA. I heard good reviews about them and thought they would be worth a try. True enough, my experience with them was nothing but excellent. On each phase of my journey, each advisor I was assigned with, had been helpful and supportive. After 3 years, me, my husband and our daughter finally have the opportunity to come to live and work in the US and fulfill our American dream.
All I can say to the future RNs who will sign up with PassportUSA is that they have to maintain regular communication with their advisor, comply with the requirements in a timely manner and have patience - LOTS of it! It's all a matter of time but YOU WILL get there.
I would especially like to thank Derrick for being especially patient with me. He has helped guide me in every step of the way and for that, I truly appreciate him.
Thank you, PassportUSA Team!

November 2, 2021
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