Welcome to Missouri, Patrick!

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Patrick, RN

Arrival Date: 3/16/22

Arrival Location: Missouri

They say there is no I in team and today is proof of this statement. I'm so grateful with Health Carousel in achieving my #AmericanDream. From the very beginning they guided me all throughout the process. They always update me and do constant communication. I signed the Aspire program of Health Carousel last 2017, took the NCLEX exam and passed, failed IELTS on my first try and passed on the second take. I may have challenges in my visa application but it didn't stop me from pursuing my dream. Indeed, Health Carousel was there for me to give inspiration and constant support. I got a visa in early January 2022. Yes, it was a long journey but it's worth the wait. I believed in God's perfect time and I wholeheartedly thank and express my gratitude to everyone who has been part of my journey. Every drop in the ocean counts and I would never forget those people who helped me sail through troubled waters.

May 30, 2022
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