Welcome to South Carolina, Cherry

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Cherry, Med Tech

Arrival Date: 7/11/2022

Arrival Location: South Carolina

My journey with HC from my interview to deployment was long and special. They were with me throughout my career in Medical Technology. Many times I was in the point of giving up or pursue something else because I was waiting for what seems like a very long time and delays just keep on happening.
But my trust with HC is strong, so I decided to be patient, pray, and trust that soon I will have my immigrant visa and I will be in the US living my dream. Fast forward to 2022, I finally received my visa last May 2022!
For almost 6 years I got to work with four International Program Advisors. I am really grateful for all them. What I learned for the years of working for my goals, taking and passing every exam, and waiting is to enjoy the space between where I am and where I am going. I’ve experienced so many things both in my personal and professional life, I’ve been to so many places and I got to meet amazing people through these years and for that I am grateful. -Cherry

July 18, 2022
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