Welcome to South Carolina, Eden!

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Eden, RN

Arrival Date: 7/27/22

Arrival Location: South Carolina

Health Carousel has been really hands on in guiding me through the step-by-step process and because of this, my US application has been really smooth and hassle free. I commend my IDA, Stephanie and for everyone who’s been art of the process from my NCLEX and IELTS exam all the way through my deployment. I appreciate them so much for also assisting me so I can bring my dog me when I go to the US. They have exerted so much time and effort just to help me in bringing my dog. I admire their thoughtfulness as they ensure that every candidate’s stay is comfortable and close to home as much as possible. They have anticipated all our needs as new immigrants and offered all their best help they can give just to make everything according to place. I am thankful that I did the right decision to trust Health Carousel. - Eden

August 1, 2022
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