Welcome to Texas, Elaine

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Elaine, RN

Arrival Date: 6/5/22

Arrival Location: Texas

I joined HC right after passing NCLEX around April 2017. It was a tedious process and sometimes I felt like giving up, However, HC never gave up on me. I was denied the first filing and was about to just give up but my IDA at that time convinced me to stay, so I did and I never regretted it. They refiled me and the journey continues. I've had 3 Advisors and all of them are great especially Ms. Raissa. She is so hardworking, professional, competent and patient. She answers all my queries sometimes even as early as 2 or 3 am as we have a different time zones. I will even tell her to go back to sleep. She went above and beyond her job to make sure that everything will go smoothly.
I have learned to just be grateful at all times and give back the blessings that you have received. Not all is given this kind of opportunity so be content and be blessed.

July 12, 2022
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