Well-recommended - Cesar, RN

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My online training course gave me a wealth of web-based resources I needed to update my critical thinking skills and nursing knowledge starting from the basic nursing theory, nursing process, nursing informatics, professional communication, wellness and self-care, nurse logic and skills modules.I was quite impressed with the contents of this course. The outlined objectives were consistent with the content. The contents itself were excellently designed and well written with very detailed information and easily accessible. The course has great case studies and simulations, as well as, relevant pre-test and post-test questions.I can't express how enjoyable it is to read something that is straightforward, professional, and has real application examples clearly and concisely presented. Your website is so easy to navigate as well.I received my certificate of completion on July 14, 2018. I'm now fully confident that I will have a successful transition to the US Healthcare Delivery System.I will definitely recommend your site to other colleagues for being an outstanding organization that has high regards and values the nursing profession and quality education. I wish your company continued success in your endeavor.

July 24, 2019
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