August 21, 2020

Three Things You Should be Doing During Visa Retrogression

Last week, we released a list of seven common mistakes�our company�sees during visa retrogression periods. This is Health Carousel's third visa retrogression period, so we've seen enough to know the good practices from the bad. And now that we've covered what you definitely do not want to do, we'll talk about the things you should still be doing.The situation is out of your control.�But many people interpret that as an invitation to stop what they're doing and make other plans. Avoid the temptation to quit - we have seen this happen twice before, and we expect priority dates to spring forward once again. They always do. And those who remain driven and dedicated to their dreams are typically the first to achieve them.The following is a short list of things you should being doing during visa retrogression:1) Keep clinical skills sharp.PassportUSA is no stranger to the nursing situation in the Philippines. There are so many nurses, some of you are paying to volunteer at a hospital.�And if you've been affected by the recent visa retrogression news, you may not be willing to continue doing that.We understand. We always advise taking care of yourself and your family, first and foremost. But think about this: You decided to go for the American Dream.Wasn't this already the best decision for yourself and family?Retrogression doesn't end the dream, it merely delays it. And when it's over, the hospitals that needed your services before will still be waiting for qualified nurses and therapists. Will you be one of them?Companies like ours�take pride in providing these hospitals with exceptional international healthcare�talent. If you are to be included in that group, you'll need to keep your clinical skills sharp. Keep in mind, you're not the only person affected by visa retrogression. You may decide it's not worth the time and effort volunteering on top of your full-time job. But if you plan on continuing your pursuit of the American Dream when retrogression moves forward again, you'll be just one of thousands of applicants.What makes you more appealing than those applicants? Keep those clinical skills sharp, keep volunteering if you must and separate yourself from your competition.2) Stay in touch with your agency.�You decided to work with your agency because you trusted them. If you're with an agency that charged you no�money, that offered to reimburse you for your language exams or other potential things and has always acted in your best interest, stay in touch with them during this time.They have hundreds, sometimes thousands of other nurses and therapists to keep up with, so don't take it personal if you aren't hearing from them as much as you did. That's why we advise sending an e-mail once a week, or even a quick phone call. This let's your agency know to take you seriously. You're not changing plans because of�temporary�roadblocks.Staying in touch increases your stock, especially if you're following point No. 1 above. That's the kind of commitment that manifests itself in everything you do, and it's why you're going to be successful in the United States.3)�Stay positive.Easy for us to say from our perspective. But this is vital, almost as vital as point No. 1. We speak with our Philippine constituents�every day, both online and on the phone. We hear the dismay, we read the distress - and we understand. Agencies like ours are frustrated too, but more importantly, so are the hospitals and the patients inside them.Everyone feels like the backlash of retrogression - no one benefits from this. Because we can't change the situation, we can at least focus on what we can control. Stay positive. If you can stay positive, if you can keep your clinical experience�current�and if you stay in touch with your agency, you absolutely will achieve your American dream at the end of this retrogression period.Follow @PassportUSA for more insight on VISA RETROGRESSION�and for the latest industry news. PassportUSA is a program of the POEA-licensed Health Carousel Philippines and Health Carousel, LLC. Proud supporter of the American Association of International Healthcare Recruitment.

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