May 22, 2020

Video: Immigration 101 for Nurses

VIDEO: Immigration 101

"Immigration 101" Video Transcript

Want to live and work in the U-S? You'll need an immigrant visa, and the process for getting one can seem overwhelming. But that's OK, we'll break it all down here as painless as possible. This is Immigration 1-0-1.To apply for an immigrant visa, you must be sponsored by either a U-S citizen relative, a U-S permanent resident, or an employer.Your employer sponsors an i-1-40 petition for alien workers.The i-1-40 is the form used to petition a foreign worker to become a permanent U-S resident.You will be filed for an employment-based third preference visa, known as an E-B-3.If PassportUSA is your EB-3 visa sponsor, we'll file the I-140 for you.Next, you'll receive an immigrant visa and will become a U-S resident, which is how you get your green card.To bring your family along, include your dependents, spouse and children under 21, on your petition � they'll get a green card too!Once your petition is received by U-S-C-I-S, you will receive your Priority Date.But wait, what's a priority date?Because there are only a limited number of immigrant visas available every year, priority dates are used to determine visa availability.To receive a visa and come to the U-S, your priority date must be current, which means your i-1-40 petition must have been filed on or before your priority date.Remember, you MUST have a priority date in order to receive your immigrant visa. Getting this as soon as possible secures your place in line,� because thousands of others just like you are doing the same thing.If a previous employer filed an i-1-40 petition for you and it was approved, PassportUSA can file a new i-1-40 petition and retain your original priority date, this is called an i-1-40 Transfer.PassportUSA will either sponsor a new i-1-40 petition or file an i-1-40 transfer to retain your original priority date.If your previous priority date is current or close to current, you are eligible to receive an immigrant visa and will do so as soon as your petition goes through the immigration process, approximately nine months from the date of filing.So that's it, once you secure your place in line, get excited about all the potential your new life in America holds. For more information, including a glossary of terms for all the items listed in this video, visit Passport U-S-A dot-com or the links below.

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