May 22, 2020

Video: Immigration With PassportUSA

VIDEO: Immigration With PassportUSA

"Immigration With PassportUSA" Video Transcript

Have an American Dream of nursing in the US? Partnering with PassportUSA is the easiest way to make this dream a reality. For a full understanding of the immigration process, you'll want to watch our Immigration 101 video. However, this video will explain the immigration process when you sign with PassportUSA.Let's begin. International nurses can qualify for one of two PassportUSA programs: The Achieve program or the Aspire program. We detail both in separate videos, but for now we'll focus on PassportUSA's general process.Your journey begins with an interview between you and a PassportUSA recruiter, either face-to-face or by phone. If your recruiter decides you are a good fit, you'll be asked to sign a contract. Sign the contract and you're well on your way.Once under contract, you'll get a plan of action from PassportUSA, including test prep resources to ensure your NCLEX and IELTS success. Remember, you'll have to pass both exams to make it to the USA.Next, you'll be asked to submit some documents, which includes copies of your passport, your current nursing license, and your nursing school diploma and transcript. PassportUSA will need these to file your green card visa petition.It's a bit of a wait between your visa filing and the issuance of your green card. During this time, it's very important to keep your bedside nursing skills sharp.When your visa is finally eligible to be issued, you'll be contacted by the U.S. National Visa Center to attend an embassy interview. This is the last step before your visa is issued and you're off to the USA.

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