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Springfield, Illinois

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Acute Care - General
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Springfield, Illinois
Teaching Facility
Trauma Center
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Hospital Overview

The healthcare provider is located in Springfield, Illinois. Its history dates back more than 70 years and the hospital has an unwavering commitment to providing comprehensive care to the community. Recognized for its surgical and trauma center, the facility is one of the most premier hospitals in the state. A staff of over 200 medical professionals and over 400 beds help make sure that everyone gets the care they need.

Community Overview

Springfield is the capital of Illinois and may very well be its heart as well. The birthplace of Lincoln and on Route 66, it’s a lively city that attracts history lovers, thrill seekers, foodies and everyone in between. It may be a historic city but the vibe is new with plenty of nature, culture, and entertainment. Springfield has something that appeals to all, whether you’re a history buff, love nature, or want to explore relics of a time long ago. Nearly 400 events are held annually giving residents and visitors plenty to explore, see, and do all year. Every corner of the city holds a unique history and not just about Lincoln. Yes, Springfield is the capital of Illinois and is the home to a Frank Lloyd-Wright house, the first drive-thru in America, and even stops on Route 66. Getting around the city is a breeze thanks to local transportation options and if you want to travel on 2 wheels, there are multiple bike trails. The central location of Springfield also makes it a great place to explore the Midwest - it’s just 3 hours to Chicago and Indianapolis.

Learn more about Springfield at the official city website and explore the area at the county website.

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The local school district, District No. 186, operates 24 elementary schools. 7 middle schools, and 3 high schools, with several magnet and charter academies among them. In addition to these campuses, the district also includes alternative schools, early learning centers (Pre-K) and an online learning academy. A low student-teacher ratio of 15 to 1 is present. Niche.com readers have rated the schools in Springfield, Illinois as some of the Best in Illinois and it ranks within the top 50 of the Most Diverse Schools in Illinois and top 650 for the country.

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Once you find the school you are interested in, you will need to contact them directly with any questions you might have.


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Local and Nearby Attractions

There’s plenty of interesting shops and stores to browse in Springfield. You’ll find artisan co-ops, boutiques, antique stores, jewelry shops and more. The city has a nice collection of diverse locally-owned spots and familiar name brands giving you everything you need in one central place. Arts, culture and history thrive in the area, making it easy to spend your day doing something exciting. Catch a concert by the Illinois Symphony Orchestra, see a production at one of the local theaters, or view artwork at the M.G. Nelson Family Gallery. As the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, the city contains many historical sites and attractions including the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum, Presidential Library, Lincoln Home, and the Lincoln Memorial Garden and Nature Center. You can also visit the Air Combat Museum, tour the Clayville Historical Site, or visit the Camp Butler National Cemetery. Family fun options include the retro diner The Cozy Drive-In or the Henson Robinson Zoo. Don’t forget to take a trip to the Illinois State Museum or the Illinois State Police Heritage Foundation Museum -- both have fascinating exhibits of the area’s history and heritage.

That’s not all because there are plenty of kid-friendly attractions. Take in a film at the local AMC theatres or under the stars at the Route 66 Drive-In. Knight’s Action Park is 60 acres of fun with an amusement park, water park, go-karts, mini golf and more. This July, the Kidzeum of Health and Science will have its grand opening and show the wonders of life to children of all ages. Play with hands-on exhibits, learn about the human body, and do science-themed activity in this new facility. Be sure to take some outdoor recreational opportunities, such as walking in the Washington Park Botanical Garden or visiting the Adams Wildlife Sanctuary. You’ll also find golf courses and several parks with sports fields within Springfield.

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Crime Rate

Crime incidents have trended downward in recent years, and the police staff is diligent at ensuring the safety of the city. Community engagement, residential crime watch, and other programs are available from the department.

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