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Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

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Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
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The healthcare provider is located in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, and is a small community facility. While small, it offers a range of care options that meet the needs of residents within the area. Services by the provider range from surgical to emergency care, with all care backed by state-of-the-art technology. Staffed with seasoned health professionals, the facility helps meet a variety of patients’ needs.

Community Overview

With its unusual name, Truth or Consequences certainly stands out on a map of New Mexico. This city (town) features a population of 6,052 people and was once known as Hot Springs, New Mexico, until it changed its name to win a contest by an NBC radio show in 1950. Situated in Sierra County, the city sits between El Paso, Texas, and Albuquerque, New Mexico. Its warm climate, days of sunshine, and abundant natural hot springs make it popular with tourists, while the affordable cost of living attracts new residents often. Every May, Truth or Consequences holds its annual festival, the Fiesta, a weekend-long celebration of the renaming of the city. The Fiesta offers live music, games, a parade, food vendors, and a brunch. 

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Cost of Living

Truth or Consequences features one of the lowest costs of living in New Mexico, and it’s 8.3% lower than the national average. These affordable prices include housing, groceries, transportation, and utilities, with housing one of the lowest expenses for most residents. The cost for housing varies by housing type, square feet, location, and other considerations; however, a 1-bedroom in the city runs from $650 to $900. 

Housing opportunities vary but generally include apartment complexes, single-family homes, and townhomes. 

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Truth or Consequences Municipal Schools runs the public schools in the city, offering 3 elementary schools, 1 middle school, and 1 high school. Its students enjoy small but engaging classrooms, with a student-teacher ratio of 17 to 1. The district’s high school appears in the U.S. News and World Report’s Best U.S. High Schools and is recognized for its graduation rate, which is higher than the state average. 

Whether in or out of the classroom, students enjoy a well-rounded educational experience with technology, with access to online academic support, web resources, and available computers. Middle school students have the chance to join the track team, while high schools can opt to participate in golf, tennis, baseball, and softball. There is also 1 private K-12 school in Truth or Consequences. 

Various youth programs in the community


The nearest airport for Truth or Consequences is Las Cruces Airport, 60 miles/96.5 KM away. The Las Cruces Airport offers direct flights to Albuquerque, New Mexico. El Paso International Airport in El Paso, Texas, 1-hour away, features 9 airlines with service to hundreds of destinations. 

Daily Driving in Truth or Consequences  
  • The average commute in Truth or Consequences is 16.7 minutes, much lower than the national average commute of 26 minutes
  • 79.7% of commuters drive their vehicle

Nearby Cities

El Paso, Texas - A quick drive of under 2 hours, El Paso is 119 miles/191 KM via the easy I-25 South and 1-10 East highways. El Paso is one of the busiest cities in Texas and offers plenty to do. Notable museums in the city include the Museum of Archeology, the International Museum of Art, and the El Paso Museum of History, which chronicles the history of the New Mexico and Texas border area. El Paso features excellent performing arts venues such as the Plaza Theatre and the Sun Bowl, both of which offer world-class performances from Broadway as well as the biggest stars of music. For a variety of fun activities, you can visit Bob-O’s Family Fun Center, home to laser tag, mini-golf, arcade games, and go-karts. Outdoor experiences in El Paso don’t fail to impress, with the Centennial Museum & Chihuahuan Desert Gardens showcasing the region’s unique flora with more than 800 species of plants on display. 

Silver City, New Mexico - Just 2 hours away from Truth or Consequences is Silver City, New Mexico. This vibrant city is 89.4 miles/143.87 KM via the NM-152 South highway. Once you reach Silver City, you’re not far from Gila National Forest, which boasts over 3 million acres. With its mountains and forests, it’s an ideal place to enjoy nature, no matter the season. The park offers the Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument, a nature preserve, the Jordan hot springs, and endless opportunities for hiking. In addition to this spectacular National park, Silver City also includes a great museum, the Silver City History Museum, with multiple exhibits and artifacts about this fascinating area. There, you can learn about its history, including the city's founding, its ties to Billy the Kid, mining history, and early settlers. 

Alamogordo, New Mexico - Also 2 hours away is Alamogordo, which you can reach via I-25 South and US-70 E. The drive is 138.1 miles/222 KM via these two easy-to-manage highways. Alamogordo is home to the New Mexico Museum of Space History, which boasts exhibits about space travel, astronauts, space exploration, and rockets. The facility also includes a planetarium and theater with sky shows, plus movies throughout the week. Don’t miss the White Sands National Park with its gypsum dune field, the world’s largest.

Local and Nearby Attractions

Throughout the area are interesting things to do and good shopping options to enjoy. 

Local stores like Bullocks offer groceries, while Walmart helps you get everything else on your list. Other retail options focus on artisan goods, such as jewelry, blankets, and other handmade pieces that reflect the storied artistic history of New Mexico. 

One of the biggest draws for visitors to the city is its hot springs. There are several sites for a soak or bath in the nourishing pools featuring geothermally heated water, which flows in the ground from a rift of the Rio Grande. Truth or Consequences features more than 10 hot springs located in bathhouses and spas. The hot springs were a major draw for tourists from the 1920s to the 1940s, but today, they have a newfound popularity among those who find them therapeutic. 

The area is rich in history, and there are several ways to explore it here. Truth or Consequences’ county, Sierra County, includes several historic villages and ghost towns. These once-thriving areas sprang up after the discovery of silver and became bustling mining towns. After the silver panic of 1893, the towns’ residents left, buildings fell into disrepair, and the economy vanished. Visiting spots such as Chloride, Chuchillo, Engle, and Kingston will give you an idea of how the towns looked, functioned, and crashed in the 1800s. The Geronimo Springs Museum lets visitors see artifacts of Sierra County history, with photographs, fossils, and even circa 200 AD pottery. You can also tour a historical mining cabin and see information about the source of the city’s name: the radio game show Truth or Consequences. 

For outdoor recreation in the water or land, there’s Elephant Butte Lake State Park, the largest state park in New Mexico. It’s a prime spot for fishing, kayaking, boating, snorkeling, and other beach fun. The park also offers hiking and biking trails, along with a playground.

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Truth or Consequences features a desert climate with hot summers and short, mild winters. It rarely snows in the city, only 3 inches/76 MM a year on average. As for rainfall, the city sees a few wet days, with an average of 11 inches/279.4 MM annually.  Residents enjoy an estimated 290 sunny days, making it a great place for sun lovers. June is the warmest month, while December is the coldest.  

Average Truth or Consequences Temperatures
  • Annual: 32ºF to 95ºF / 0ºC  to 35ºC
  • December: Low of 27ºF/-2.77ºC  and High of 56°F /13.3ºC  
  • July: Low of 67ºF/19.4ºC and High of 96ºF /35.5º C

Crime Rate

With a crime rate lower than New Mexico’s average and 37% lower than the U.S. crime rate, Truth or Consequences is safe for families. Crime has decreased over the last year, and the city is safer than 36% of other cities in the country. 

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