June 22, 2020

Advance Team Career Opportunities

PassportUSA client hospitals have selected dozens of internationals RNs to join their team, but need help while awaiting their arrivals. Your role as an Advance Team RN is to bridge the gap in their critical staffing needs. You may even be asked to help onboard their PassportUSA nurses as they arrive. As an international RN, and graduate of the PassportUSA program, you're an ideal nurse for our exciting, high-paying Advance Team opportunities.The PassportUSA Advance Team for RNs (ATRN) currently has open positions available throughout the United States.

Benefits of being an ATRN:

  • Competitive pay - up to $1500-$1750 per week, guaranteed 36-40 hours per week, 26-week assignments
  • Travel and housing team to assist with relocation
  • Health insurance available from day one
  • Precept newly-arriving nurses
  • and much more!
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Have additional questions? Check out this Advance Team RN FAQ.

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