February 19, 2020

DAISY Nomination - Ciana

Ciana received a DAISY nomination by a patient's family! Terrific care Ciana!On the nomination form, Ciana exhibits the following highly valued attributes:

  • Portrays a positive attitude in challenging situations
  • Exemplifies the mission, vision and values of the hospital
  • Generates enthusiasm and energy towards meeting patient-care goals
  • Demonstrates critical thinking skills in the delivery of an exceptional care experience
  • Goes above and beyond to ensure the comfort of patients/families
  • Establishes a special professional connection with patients/families through emotional support
  • Exhibits passion in the delivery of excellent nursing care
  • Organizes remarkable patient care through collaboration with all providers

Her patient's family wanted to thank her and explain why they nominated Ciana, "Wow! I thought I would have to write it all out, but truly every statement listed above describes my experience with Ciana! She has been a true delight to see in the evenings as I've stayed overnight with my father. Her smile and her bubbly personality literally lightens the room when she enters. You can't help but to smile with her. Even during a few challenging moments with my father, Ciana kept a positive attitude and she kept smiling! Positivity goes a long way and I so appreciate that it exudes out of her! Thank you Ciana for your excellent service and positivity!" -Jerri

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