February 19, 2020

DAISY Nomination - Maricione

Maricione has received 7 DAISY nominations within 12 months! Incredible service Maricione!Nomination 1 - August 2017: "The nurse I am nominating is very caring and attentive nurse. She went over and beyond any expectations that I had."2 - October 2017: "The nurse I am nominating is sweet, caring, kind and pushed me to get better."3 - January 2018: "The nurse I am nominating is my favorite nurse. She is very calm and never got mad when I accidentally pulled my IV and blood was all over me. She always says, 'We will take care of everything.' She is very sweet. She tells me what time do I expect all my medicines and answers when can I get my as needed medicines. She responds quickly when I need her."4 - January 2018: "The nurse I am nominating is a great nurse. She is very prompt, caring, and does her job excellently. She makes her rounds and makes sure that all of my husband's needs are met. She discussed with us the plan of care at the start of the shift and listened to my husband's needs. She even comes and gives us coffee every morning; which I know is not her job. What I like most is she appreciates my effort in taking care of my husband."5 - March 2018: "This special lady went to the trouble to make sure I am aware that my son had a scheduled procedure that was requested before bedtime. She woke me and asked permission to call my son. That was not a necessary procedure at this time. I appreciate her time and thoughtfulness along with the special care she shows to her patients. Neither my son nor myself had been informed of this procedure."6 - May 2018: "The nurse I am nominating explains everything to me so that I could understand my plan of care. She was so patient, especially with my bowel preparation. She was prompt and made sure my pain was addressed."7 - May 2018: "The nurse I am nominating is such a nice nurse. She is really compassionate and helped me feel better just by talking to me. She was always really friendly and anything that I needed she would always bring to me very quickly. She deserves to be nominated because we need more nurses like her who help make the patient smile during a difficult time."

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