May 29, 2020

DAISY Nomination - Mehran

PassportUSA RN Mehran, was nominated for the DAISY award! Mehran has received several WOW cards and praise from his patients and coworkers in the past few months, which has led him to be nominated for the award for the SECOND time!"Ran, one of the patients on the unit wanted to recognize you for being an outstanding nurse. Keep up the good work."-Clinical Manager"Ran was floated down to the second floor yesterday for his first ever float and he did an amazing job! He had a very busy day with many of his patients discharging and getting more admissions, as well as a doctor needing to do a procedure at the bedside and pulling him into the room and he handled it all like a champ! I appreciate his hard work and so do the patients! Thank you Ran!" -Clinical Manager"Ran, a patient informed me that he has received the absolute best care ever. Stating that the quality and professionalism was beyond measure. He wanted to recognize you, Ran, for always keeping him informed and involved. Great job!" -Clinical Manager"Mehran, thanks for being the best wingman! Your hard work and dedication are appreciated!" -Coworker

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