March 28, 2021

DAISY Award Winner - Alex

Alex won the DAISY Award from his facility! Alex specializes in telemetry and has been nominated at least two times for the award. Congratulations Alex!"The story goes like this: I’m ready to go home excited to see our daughter who was doing a remote school day at home due to the pandemic. My house supervisor told me to stay for a while. Then one of my friends named Diaz called me to go back to the unit. After a while, another friend named Madison asked me to go back too. I’m already inside my car at that time and it was snowing a little and I told them I needed to go home before I get too tired, just to be safe. Then when I came back to the unit for my second night shift, our house supervisor Mariah called and I followed her, and then she presented the DAISY Award to me! It was an amazing surprise! I’m so thankful to everyone who inspires me every day, and above all, thank God! Everyone is a DAISY in their own ways.” -Alex

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