February 19, 2020

DAISY Award Winner - Brian

Brian received the DAISY Award from his facility! Great service Brian!As a nurse in the Philippines, making it to the USA is our holy grail, because of the benefits, the system and the financial freedom,� he said. It does not compare to any other place in this world and I've been waiting nine years to get here... It gives me a sense that I am doing something good. I'm really appreciative of the recognition given to me, but I'm really thankful to be here in the first place." -BrianThe patient who nominated Brian, said they were apprehensive� and scared� about being in the hospital, said Brian was a bright spot� during their stay. He was funny, charming and professional,� the letter read. Brian always explained what he was doing regarding my care as well as explaining every medication he was giving me. I enjoyed Brian so much and wanted to let the hospital know they have a gem in him.�

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