July 30, 2020

PassportUSA Hires Nurses From All Over the World

Over the past 15 years, PassportUSA has helped over 3,000 international nurses from all over the world realize their American Dream and we are just getting started!

It's not an easy task to gain the trust of thousands of nurses who we often do not meet in person until they reach the U.S. We have dedicated professional recruiters who do whatever it takes to make nurses feel comfortable and give them all the information they need over the phone or a Skype session. We have the resources and means to travel to various countries throughout the year to meet nurses in person as well. Sign up for our blog to never miss out on an upcoming event in your area.We have hired nurses from over 60+ countries including the Philippines, Kenya, UAE, Hong Kong, Canada, India, Nepal, Jamaica, Fiji, and many more. No matter what country you are living in, we aspire to help you reach your #AmericanDream so you can help provide quality healthcare to patients in need. Our agency is comprised of various departments such as recruitment, immigration, licensing, international employee supervisors, and more to efficiently get you to the U.S. and be your life coach throughout your U.S. work assignment.We not only help international healthcare professionals and their families achieve their American Dream through our program, we also serve the higher purpose and mission of improving patient care across the U.S. With the U.S. nursing shortage still underway, the U.S. needs more foreign-trained nurses. The RN workforce is�projected to increase to 3.4 million RNs by 2026, however there is an insufficient amount of RNs already in the U.S. Being a credible and trustworthy organization from the very beginning and ongoing is essential for the success we have been able to achieve for our healthcare professionals.One of the many ways we hold ourselves to a high standard includes being a founding member of the�AAIHR, an organization that participates in the recruitment of foreign-educated healthcare professionals, and to promote legal, ethical, socially responsible, and professional practices for international healthcare recruitment. Additionally, PassportUSA has achieved the�Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission. The Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval recognizes our commitment to provide qualified and competent professionals who deliver high-quality patient care.

Here is what some of our currently working candidates from across the world who are now in the U.S. have to say about their journeys with PassportUSA:

I am very pleased with the exceptional service provided by PassportUSA so that I can attain a good job in the USA. I have been consistently impressed with each staff member, since the first day I contacted them. I find PassportUSA friendly, approachable, hardworking, and they provide their services in a timely and professional manner. They even demonstrated outstanding care and support to my family members as well. Thank you PassportUSA for making my #AmericanDream come true.� -Nusrath, India

Health Carousel is well organized with a dedicated staff whose mission is to assist us with a smooth transition to the USA. They helped me achieve my dreams to work as a RN in the USA. Your dreams are valid with them.� -Kenneth, Kenya

"PassportUSA exceeded my expectations. I received help and support. Kayla was my amazing International Deployment Advocate. She made sure I did things on time and went out of her way to make sure that I made it to the USA. Her communication skills are out of this world. PassportUSA is excellent in all forms. I recommend PassportUSA to all who would like to fulfill their dreams of working and living in the USA. They are the best agency to work with.� -Alinafe, Malawi

"Every single amazing person I've met from Health Carousel definitely brought changes into my life. If you are looking for good people to commit in helping you and your family, contact Health Carousel and experience it yourself, the only thing you would regret is that you should have called earlier.� -Wing Shan, Hong Kong

What are you waiting for? If you are ready to learn more about the PassportUSA commitment and our program that sets you up for a successful life and career in the United States, apply today!

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