November 3, 2020

Hospitals Struggling to Find Nurses Amidst Hawaii Nursing Shortage

One glance at the headlines and it is apparent that the nursing shortage in Hawaii is critical - and it's not all about the pandemic.

Nursing Shortage In Hawaii Described As Perfect Storm

Hawaii is #1 State for Nurse Burnout, according to study

Hawaii Asks Feds To Send More Nurses To Help With The Pandemic

Experts state that a lack of nurse educators, an aging workforce and resulting retirements are key culprits. Couple this with the aging population of Hawaii and "Nursing Shortage In Hawaii Described As Perfect Storm," according to Hawaii News Now.An excellent podcast on Hawaii's nursing shortage is available from Hawaii Public Radio and features Lauren Reichhardt, Executive Director of the Hawaii State Nursing Center and Mimi Harris, Chief Nursing Officer and Vice President of Patient Care at Queen’s Health Systems.

Travel nursing is a popular choice for temporary help, but those in search of a more long-term solution are opting for international nurses.

There are great ongoing conversations about developing new nurses and training and retaining existing ones, but Hawaii healthcare leaders are fearful that all of this still won't be enough. That's why more hospital leaders are turning to alternative staffing measures such as partnering with international nurse recruitment firms to attract great nursing talent to the islands.RECOMMENDED READING:10 Considerations in Selecting the Right International Nurse ProviderIf your healthcare organization would like to have discussions with PassportUSA regarding international nurse staffing, please submit the form below or give us a call. We have hundreds of nurses in a wide range of specialties available for interview and selection right away.

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