May 22, 2020

Aspire Program Helps Filipino RNs Grads Immigrate to US

You likely became a nurse to help people. However, many new nurses in the Philippines have limited career opportunities. Meanwhile, U.S. nurses often earn great pay and have many career options.The solution? The PassportUSA Aspire program.

What is Aspire by PassportUSA?

The Aspire program helps top nursing school graduates immigrate to the USA where their careers can flourish. Another perk is that, when in the Aspire program, PassportUSA will file for your U.S. immigrant visa quicker than any other agency, meaning you will likely arrive in the USA months to years sooner.

How Does Aspire Work?

Once you enter the Aspire program, we provide the resources and training you need to pass the U.S. nursing license exam�the NCLEX. After you pass the exam, we'll promptly file for your U.S. visa.Other agencies require you to have years of experience, as well as passing NCLEX and IELTS scores before they will file for your U.S. visa.However, the Aspire program is unique because your visa petition will be filed as soon as you pass NCLEX, and you'll receive your visa priority date sooner. Your visa priority date secures your place in line, meaning you'll likely arrive in America earlier to begin your nursing career in the U.S.There will be some time between when your U.S. visa petition is filed and when it's issued. During your wait, you'll need to pass IELTS, submit documents, and keep your nursing skills sharp. The PassportUSA team will help you through all of this, as well.

How Much Does the Aspire Program Cost?

Working with PassportUSA�whether in our Aspire program or not�is absolutely free to you.

Who Qualifies for Aspire?

To qualify for the Aspire program, you must have been born in the Philippines and have graduated from nursing school in the past two years.

Aspire in Action

To date, PassportUSA has filed over 50 visa petitions for candidates in the Aspire program. Could you be next?For a closer look at the PassportUSA Aspire program, visit

Aspire Program Details
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