February 19, 2020

PassportUSA Immigration Webinar Frequently Asked Questions

We want to thank you for attending the webinar on December 4, 2019, and we hope you received some good information and that many of your questions were answered. We received many questions near the end of the webinar and unfortunately were not able to answer all of them in the time we had. We have provided answers to most of the questions below.As we discussed on the webinar, no one person’s case or situation is exactly the same. Some of the questions we received are very case specific and we will ask that you reach out to your IPA/IDA if your question is not answered below or if you have a specific question about your case or situation. Your IPA or IDA, either in the US office or at Health Carousel, Philippines, will be able to either answer your question or consult with the immigration team to properly answer your question.

Pre-visa Filing

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Immigration Timeline

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Immigration Recap

We want to give a brief recap to the immigration information covered in the webinar:The immigration climate in the U.S. has changed drastically in the last two years. This has generally been attributed to the Buy American, Hire American Executive Order issued by President Trump in April 2017. The intent of the order was to protect US workers and their interests. The U.S. is in desperate need of registered nurses and while nurses should not be impacted by this order, all immigration petitions and applications as well as all occupations have been affected by the change in policy and guidance. We have seen a rigorous and often erratic or arbitrary enforcement of immigration rules and regulations.Health Carousel, in addition to all companies in our industry and all companies utilizing employment-based petitions has, in turn, seen a substantial increase in RFE/NOIDs and denials. The reasons for an RFE/NOID or a denial vary case by case. Some of the more common reasons we see RFE/NOIDs include the following:

  • Will Health Carousel be your employer in the US?
  • Will Health Carousel be able to pay your wages?
  • Will Health Carousel have a job for you?
  • Minor Discrepancies with Notices of Filing
  • Are you qualified to be a nurse in the US?

Because of this, Health Carousel has worked to evaluate our filing strategies as well as to consult with outside counsel and work towards administrative relief in Washington, D.C. We have taken the time to do this work to achieve optimal results on each petition.[select-faq faq_id='351085'][select-faq faq_id='351086'][select-faq faq_id='351087'][select-faq faq_id='351088'][select-faq faq_id='351089'][select-faq faq_id='351090'][select-faq faq_id='351091'][select-faq faq_id='354438'][select-faq faq_id='351094'][select-faq faq_id='354444'][select-faq faq_id='354439'][select-faq faq_id='351095'][select-faq faq_id='351096'][select-faq faq_id='351097'][select-faq faq_id='351098'][select-faq faq_id='351099']

Facility Selection

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Working and Living in the US

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If your question was not answered above or you have a specific question about your case or situation, please contact your current IPA/IDA directly.

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