June 15, 2022

PassportUSA Success Story: Patrick, RN

Congratulations to Patrick, RN, who recently completed the first step in his American Dream with PassportUSA.

On assignment with PassportUSA in North Dakota, Patrick obtained several new certifications including the NIHSS certification, BLS, ACLS. He also welcomed his son into the world last year.

Health Carousel has been very supportive and will really guide you every step of the way.

When Patrick, RN, joined the PassportUSA family he immediately had the support of five dedicated teams who worked in tandem to ensure his arrival and subsequent stay in America were successful and smooth.

Your decision to pursue your dream of a healthcare career in the United States is the only step you’ll take alone. Once you contact PassportUSA to help facilitate your professional certification, U.S. immigration, and relocation to America, you officially have the backing of the world’s preeminent ethical healthcare recruiting organization throughout every step of your American Dream.

They say it’s a long road ahead. But don’t get discouraged. Just focus on the first step and you’ll be fine. Life is what you make it.
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