Global Ambassadors

Introducing the PassportUSA Global Ambassadors

Improving lives and making healthcare work better.

As we introduce the new PassportUSA Global Ambassador program, it’s important to recall the PassportUSA higher purpose; to improve lives and make healthcare work better. Watch this video to learn more from one of our internal managers, Jamie.

We ALL play an important part in achieving our higher purpose. It’s also important to be a value-based organization to live out this higher purpose. One of the PassportUSA company values is Excellence. We are constantly seeking and applying feedback to best serve our internal employees, healthcare professionals, healthcare facilities (clients), and their patients. The Global Ambassador program is an example of this.

Our Goals

We created the PassportUSA Global Ambassador Program with the following goals.

Nurture and give spotlight to quality healthcare professionals, thus inspiring fellow and future foreign-trained nurses to excel in the U.S.

Create a familiar voice to advocate for all foreign-trained healthcare professionals in the U.S. and the PassportUSA program.

Provide a single source of truth in a complex industry.

Tell positive stories of the industry to instill trust, hope, and motivation, so that we can continue to make a difference in the world.

Global Ambassador Projects and Looking Forward

The Global Ambassadors first project was advocating for and employing higher standards of truth telling and positive messages through social media. In the groups that they run, they are creating higher standards to be sure nurses receive the best advice and help possible. We will be highlighting the great work of the ambassadors each quarter. You can look out for those updates on our social media and in our blog. We look forward to what great things this group can accomplish!

Meet the PassportUSA Global Ambassadors