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Learn the English Language With Health Carousel International's IELTS Academy

Your Road To IELTS

Health Carousel International (HCI) helps the global healthcare professionals it recruits to clear all the regulatory hurdles along their journeys to the United States. Once an applicant has passed the NCLEX, we then turn our attention to passing the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam.

To achieve that goal, HCI created an IELTS Academy to help applicants prepare in an effective way. This dynamic learning program is open to all global healthcare professionals who have signed contracts with us and have completed the NCLEX. The value of this Academy is worth several hundred dollars, and it’s free for our valued healthcare professionals.

Because every healthcare professional's comfort with the English language is different, the Academy is tiered for candidates across a wide range of language abilities. The curriculum of the Academy has been expertly crafted by certified IELTS examiners, and it includes unlimited predictive (practice) exams so both parties can know when you are ready to take the actual test with minimal anxiety and the greatest confidence.

The key thing that helped me pass IELTS is being consistent with practicing. Celebrating your accomplishments will keep you motivated! The Health Carousel International's IELTS Academy helped me jump-start my journey for the exam. At first, I didn’t know where to begin my training, and thankfully my International Processing Associate kept me focused with a plan and supported me.

— One of thousands of satisfied HCI IELTS Academy graduates

How We Support You

Our Top Priority

HCI makes IELTS preparation fit your specific needs and unique learning preferences. Whether online or in person, we have you covered. We conduct speaking sessions via phone and Skype, plus hand-scored and reviewed writing practice. Additionally, our “Conversational Partners” program lets you schedule ongoing free chats with our teammates to improve your spoken English. 

This level of flexibility and support are all part of HCI's steadfast dedication to helping our applicants achieve their American dream!

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