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San Antonio, Texas

Facility Type
Acute Care - General
Facility Location
San Antonio, Texas
Teaching Facility
Trauma Center
Number of Beds

Hospital Overview

A state-of-the-art healthcare center is located just outside the San Antonio area. The facility features private rooms and over 100 beds for patients, with dedicated staff and award-winning services that have met the community’s care needs for over 50 years. A hardworking staff of over 900 individuals -- including PassportUSA RNs -- serve the individuals in the area located across multiple counties.

Community Overview

San Antonio has a population of over 2 million, and is one of the most enjoyable cities in the state of Texas. Opportunity for culture, history, education and fun are just around the bend of this historic city that has played such a role in Texas’ legacy. San Antonio is an older city that has recently undergone a renaissance and now all of the neighborhoods of the city have plenty to see, shop, and eat. When exploring the city, there’s plenty of options to get you to your destination. You may want to jump on the double-decker bus and see the sights by hopping on and off, or using the Alamo Trolley. The city also features the Via Metropolitan Transit, with three separate routes to take you to all of the cultural attractions.

Learn more about San Antonio at the official city website and explore the area at the county website.

Cost of Living


San Antonio’s school district is dedicated to offering multiple opportunities for educational development. With a comprehensive selection of programs for students ages Pre K through 12th grade, the district takes the future of their students at heart. A bright and engaged student population of 54,000 is spread across the area’s 86 schools. Magnet programs, private schools and speciality schools are also available to help every student reach their academic potential.

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Once you find the school you are interested in, you will need to contact them directly with any questions you might have.


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Local and Nearby Attractions

As San Antonio is the second most-populous city in Texas, there’s plenty of shopping for everyone. In addition to local shops, department stores, specialty shops and more, you’ll also find several sprawling malls with everything you could ever need. If you want even more shopping, head on down to the River Walk, a special pedestrian area with shopping, restaurants, public art and more. If you love history, be sure to visit San Antonio’s five 18th century Spanish frontier missions like The Alamo. Other places perfect for families include the amusement parks Six Flags, Morgan’s Wonderland and SeaWorld San Antonio.

Online and Nearby International Communities

Religious Centers


Crime Rate

San Antonio is one of the premiere family destinations in Texas, and has seen a decrease in crime rates over the last year. A large police force is dedicated to the safety of the citizens and residents of San Antonio by offering community engagement programs. Citizen participation programs help law enforcement monitor situations and ensure any incident is dealt with swiftly.

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