October 31, 2018

My Greatest Dream - Mary Ann

"I joined Health Carousel in 2012. My classmate in college referred me. I started from scratch. I didn’t have the TOEFL nor the FCCPT and I also lacked 3 subjects which are needed for credentialing. Health Carousel helped me and guided me all throughout the process, from the review of the TOEFL and the NPTE and helping me financially for the requirements and giving me all the encouragement that I need. I am grateful for the International Program Advisor who assisted me because she was very patient and professional from day one all the way up to my date of departure. I am also grateful to Health Carousel for helping me and my son get U.S. visas and most especially for helping me achieve my greatest dream, which is to work in the U.S."PROFESSION: Physical TherapistCANDIDATE NAME: Mary AnnLOCATION: HawaiiDEPLOYMENT DATE: October 29, 2018

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