April 30, 2018

Right Track - Nunki

"Trust God's timing. This describes the fulfillment of my 'American Dream'. It took me 9 long years to get to this point. A lot of patience, perseverance and help from God are what it takes to be where I am now. The whole process was not a walk in the park for me; with the NCLEX, taking IELTS twice, and going through 2 VisaScreens and 2 recessions. But God is really good. Things fell into place in its own perfect time. To my fellow applicants, do not lose hope. Hold on to your dream. Continue your bedside experience! I'd like to give a special shout out to my processing associate Liza for all the help and for being so responsive to all my queries and emails. This made me feel that I am on the right track. To the Health Carousel family, THANK YOU! And God bless us all!"PROFESSION: Registered NurseCANDIDATE NAME: NunkiLOCATION: IndianaDEPLOYMENT DATE:Â April 30, 2018

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