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Whatever your version of the American Dream might be, PassportUSA is here to make it a reality.

We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions For Healthcare Professionals below. To find a more extensive FAQs list, please click here.

What is PassportUSA?

-We are a US Based Healthcare Staffing Agency Employer who sponsors Foreign Educated Healthcare professionals to come to the USA to work

at our US Healthcare Facility Clients.

Where are our main offices located?

-Cincinnati, Ohio

-AFFILIATE offices in Manila and Cebu Philippines(Health Carousel Philippines)

Where do you recruit nurses from?

-61+ different countries around the world

-We work with candidates from all over the world. However, healthcare professionals from some countries will find the path to America to be more feasible than others. Qualifying for US licensure and US visas requires:
 - Educational Equivalency to US standards for the profession
- English proficiency verified by examination.    
- US Licensure Examination. If a US licensure text center is not available in your home country, you may have to travel to a country that offers the exams.   
- Ethical Sourcing Standards – If you are a citizen of a country with a shortage of healthcare professionals in your profession, we may not be able to recruit you, please schedule an interview with one of our international recruiters to find out if you qualify.

How do I know that I can trust PassportUSA as my partner in this journey?

-Our experience has made us experts in finding jobs at some of America’s finest healthcare facilities for our international nurses. Our commitment is to make your move easy. PassportUSA is the largest employer of Foreign Educated Healthcare Professionals and the 9th largest Healthcare Staffing Company in the USA. Because of this, PassportUSA has over 850 of prestigious healthcare client facilities and has the ability to accommodate preferences regarding assignment locations.

-PassportUSA has more than 16 years of experience in visa filings including over periods of visa retrogression and regulatory change. PassportUSA has successfully sponsored more than 3,000 healthcare professionals over our time in business.

-Founding members of the American Association of International Healthcare Recruitment and Certified Member of Alliance for Ethical International Recruitment Practices Certified Ethical Recruitment Firm.

What kind of visa will you file for me?

-We file the EB-3, Green Card visa for all of our nurses! It allows you to stay in the USA permanently and you will even have the opportunity to apply to become a U.S. citizen eventually should you choose to do so.

I want to bring my family to America – how can PassportUSA help with this?

-PassportUSA encourages our employees to bring their immediate family members with them to the USA when they deploy and start assignment. We sponsor your visa petition at no additional cost and support your efforts in bringing your family to the USA.

-While some agencies require a period of delay in arrival of the immediate family, PassportUSA does not require any type of delay period.

-PassportUSA’s travel and housing team will assist with the logistics of the family’s arrival. 

Do I get to choose where I will be assigned if I choose PassportUSA as my partner in coming to the USA to work as a nurse?

-We care about your geo-location placement preferences: PassportUSA has hundreds of prestigious healthcare facility clients located in all 50 US states and you get to provide input on where you would like to be.

If I have relatives in a US State, such as Indiana and would like to live near them – do I have a chance to choose where I will be located?

-Yes, when you interview, please inform your recruiter and we will make note of this.

What happens when my assignment ends with PassportUSA? Will I be stranded without a job?

-No! Often considered the heroes of healthcare, nurses in America are one of the most admired, trusted, and respected professions in the country. The nursing profession in the USA offers endless opportunities for advancing education, career opportunities, and compensation. PassportUSA and the whole Health Carousel organization can help you achieve your personal and career objectives whatever they may be and wherever they may take you. We offer many services to help you realize a lifetime of career satisfaction.

How much do you estimate I will earn as a nurse in America?

Pay starting at a minimum of $30/hour and guaranteed fulltime hours of at least 36 hours per week (approximately $57,000 USD annually and eligibility for annual, performance-based raises)

Do our nurses receive any bonuses for having certain credentials?

Earn up to $15,000 with PassportUSA’s Milestone Rewards Program! 

  • Have you already passed the NCLEX? Congratulations! You are eligible to receive a BONUS for completing your initial U.S. assignment PLUS you can earn an additional BONUS for passing the IELTS exam within 1 year of signing your PassportUSA Program Agreement. Your total BONUS potential = $15,000!
  • Do you still need to pass the NCLEX? No worries! You are eligible to receive a BONUS for completing your initial U.S. assignment PLUS you can earn an additional BONUS for passing the NCLEX and IELTS exams within 18 months of signing your PassportUSA Program Agreement. Your total BONUS potential = $15,000! 

Is IELTS required to join?


How can PassportUSA help us if we don’t have IELTS yet?

-Our PassportUSA IELTS Academy is set up exclusively for members of our program and they will have immediate access once they join! If you are a member of our team, we will pay for resources on your behalf, you will have a coach to help you achieve results and we also have an IELTS Program Manager who will assist with remediation to make sure there is no learning gap to prepare you for taking your English exam!

Will PassportUSA file my visa petition without IELTS?

-Yes! If you meet our basic requirements, PassportUSA will file your EB3 green card visa petition with USCIS to secure you a priority date and place in line while you are studying for the IELTS exam. PassportUSA sponsors your IELTS study program, and you will have a dedicated associate to coach you through the process.

Is PassportUSA different from the others in terms of support in my processing?

-YES! You will have a dedicated associate and support team for every step of your journey to the USA!

-We respond to our nurses promptly because we know how important it is for you to know what is happening with your processing and immigration.


Will you help me endorse my US NCLEX to the state where I am assigned? And will you pay for it?

- Yes!


 If I am under contract on a current assignment (ie, in UAE, Saudi, UK, etc) can I still apply and start my processing?

-Yes! We encourage this because you are gaining valuable skills!

Can I start my processing even while I am working another assignment in another country?

-Yes! We encourage this because we want to start processing your visa petition as soon as possible.

Will PassportUSA guide me on what documents I need to prepare to assure that I could work in the USA?

-Yes! You will have a dedicated associate who will tell you exactly what you need to prepare for each stage of immigration.


I am worried about the fees and the costs for this. How much does it cost to join the program?

-Nothing! There are no fees to join the program.


How can PassportUSA support me financially to process my credentials and US Immigration?

-PassportUSA pays for the majority of your expenses to come to the USA

-We cover your immigration processing fees and legal fees for filing

-We pay on your behalf or reimburse for NCLEX,IELTS and Visa Screen certificate


Does PassportUSA make travel arrangements for me when I am ready to deploy to the USA?

-Yes! We have an entire team of travel and housing specialists who will arrange the logistics of your flight and housing. They will create a detailed itinerary for you and make sure someone from our team will be available to meet you when you arrive.

Will PassportUSA pay for my flight to the USA?

-Yes. PassportUSA covers all of your travel related expenses. We will also provide you with an arrival advance, which is money to help you pay for your initial relocation expenses.


Will someone meet me when I arrive to the USA?

Yes! Get ready for a warm welcome from one of our PassportUSA team members who will personally welcome you and give you the best arrival experience possible when you land on U.S. soil.

How else do you support me when I arrive?

-PassportUSA understands the complexity and resources it takes to relocate and resettle to the USA. We take great pride in the relocation and resettlement program we provide to our employees and their families.

-Our travel and housing team acts as a travel agency. We plan for travel and arrival logistics—including housing, transportation, etc.  

-PassportUSA pays the cost of the employee’s airfare to the USA

-PassportUSA provides a customized, in-person arrival experience. A PassportUSA representative meets the employee at the airport, assists them with luggage, and transitional housing in their new community in America.

-PassportUSA provides a $2,000 Housing Advance for transitional housing and Passport’s travel and housing team will provide support in securing long term housing options.

-PassportUSA provides a $1,500 Arrival Advance to help offset initial expenses in the USA.

-PassportUSA provides information regarding how to access and utilize public transportation based on the public transportation service offerings in their community.

-PassportUSA will provide access to third party vendors to assist in buying or renting a car in the USA.

-PassportUSA provides support by instructing how to obtain their US Driver’s license and even assists the with registering for driving lessons and/or completing their driver’s examination.

-PassportUSA provides education on setting up the employees household for things such as purchasing household supplies and groceries.

-PassportUSA provides a free mobile phone and 30 days of paid service as well as access to a deeply discounted, corporate rate for service.

-PassportUSA representatives will show the healthcare facility where they will be working and facilitate a meet and greet onsite where possible.

-PassportUSA will assist with opening a bank account in the USA.

-PassportUSA will provide guidance on how to obtain a US Social Security Number Card.



In what states do you have client healthcare facilities?

-PassportUSA has client healthcare facilities in all 50 states


Do I have to be working as a nurse in a hospital setting to apply?

-No! If you qualify, you can join our HC Clinical Residency Program which is an exclusive virtual residency program that prepares foreign-educated healthcare professionals to practice as a nurse in the USA.


How long is the clinical residency program?

-As part of this program, you will take part in 6 months of offshore & virtual program support which consists of 10-12 hours a month of e-learning modules to complete on your own time beginning with core nursing knowledge, basic Med Surg competencies, critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills. Followed by 6 months of clinical, hands-on experience at an assignment location in the USA and completion of orientation. You will then re-engage in the HC Clinical Residency Program for an additional 6 months(10-12hrs per month of virtual learning). The focus of these modules for the second part of the program will be Professional Practice in the USA.

Who is eligible for clinical residency?

-Must be an RN 

-Passed the NCLEX 

-Must be willing to complete the HC Clinical Residency Program to prepare to work as a USRN

Will there be transition to US Clinical practice training before I deploy?

-PassportUSA offers a first-class transition to practice program to our healthcare professionals to ensure a successful change into their US RN career. We have a robust online learning management system and a team of internal nurse managers — nearly all who have decades of experience —to offer clinical support whenever it’s needed.

-We provide an 8-12 week pre-departure transition to practice course to prepare our employees for their transition to practicing as a nurse in the USA. This includes intensive training which provides real life scenarios in a simulated, virtual setting to provide employees with a true to life, US based clinical environment.

-Post-Arrival Orientation and Precepting at their assignment location. PassportUSA works with client healthcare facilities to develop clinical transition plans for the employee commencing assignment in the USA.


Will there be orientation and training when I start my assignment?

Yes! Post-Arrival Orientation and Precepting at assignment location. Passport works with client healthcare facilities to develop clinical transition plans for the healthcare professional commencing assignment in the USA.


How do I apply?

-       Click here to begin your US RN career the PassportUSA Way


November 16, 2021
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