Large IDN Welcomes PassportUSA International Nurses

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A Leading Integrated Healthcare System

When the public hears news about nursing shortages it's usually in regards to small or rural healthcare organizations. But those in the know, realize that even the largest integrated delivery networks are being affected as well. Larger size means ongoing needs and a higher number of nursing positions to fill.Case in point is one of the newest members of the PassportUSA client family. Comprised of 10+ hospitals, assisted living centers, and home health and rehabilitation services, this healthcare system is anything but tiny.

Workforce Woes

Being chronically short-staffed across several specialties throughout their hospitals did not derail our new client from its mission to improve their nurse-to-patient ratio in order to provide quality, efficient care to all patients. It did make them take a closer look at alternative nurse staffing options, however. Ultimately their mix of solutions came to include Foreign-Educated Nurse (FEN) recruitment.

PassportUSA Was Prepared for Big Needs

Upon signing the PassportUSA agreement, nurses were immediately scheduled for interview. To date, 70 nurses have started their assignments and another 29 starts are pending. Along the way to filling these nearly 100 openings, some pretty impressive recruitment stats accrued:

  • 211 nurses submitted for interview
  • 70 nurses now working at 16 locations
  • 5.5 months - average time from receipt of job order until nurse start date
  • 29 nurses pending starts
  • 47% submittal to offer acceptance ratio

The Healthcare System Now

As a result of the ongoing partnership with PassportUSA, the health system has grown for the better and they plan to select more nurses soon. In fact, more than just hospital administrators are thrilled with the results. One nurse manager commented:

"The nurses adjust well to the unit. They learn to work with our physicians to provide excellent care. They are a true pleasure to work with. They communicate effectively with patients and family members. We are so glad to have them here!"

Want to learn more about what makes PassportUSA nurses a great fit for facilities of all sizes? Click the button below to get more information on our services.

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August 17, 2019
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